2003 BMW E46 M3: Regular Car Reviews

Oughtstalga or Aughtstalga is nostalga for 2000-2009. We drive the BMW E46 M3 and find out what it’s about.



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4 Must Have Accesories For Your New Car

So, now you have bought your spanking new car and have driven a few miles and are wondering how you can keep this beauty in ship shape for the time to come. Also, every time you pass a well decorated automobile accessory shop, you wonder what are the accessories that you should buy for your vehicle. Although the car accessories, much like the car itself is dependent on the personal choice and budget etc.

Invest In The Car Bumper For Your Car Protection

Car Bumpers helps the person from the rear side accidents or the head-on collision with other vehicles. They also help in avoiding any kind of scratches or dents on the car.

Giving Your Car and Wheels a Paint Job

Times have passed where the colourful wheels were attractive. Once upon a time, the coloured wheel was a unique trend that only the trendiest guy would have. The same went with the colour of the car. Maybe that isn’t the case today.

How to Use Pink on Your Car

Many people are drawn to the idea of pink cars, especially young ladies. Pink is feminine and soft. It takes a lady with a strong personality to be able to pull off this daring colour. When creating a feminine car using pink you should follow strict guidelines to avoid the car looking tacky.

How Cars Have Evolved

Do you ever just look at cars and wonder how they got to the point of beauty they are at now? They have come a long way since the very beginning and it’s good thing for future generations.

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