Škoda Classic Tour 2023

As is customary, the commencement of the Škoda Classic Tour witnessed an assembly of familial duos steering their cherished four-wheeled kin. This precision rally, exclusively tailored for the Czech car manufacturer’s diligent workforce, unfolded with an impressive spectacle featuring an astounding convoy of more than 260 automobiles. This extraordinary gathering marked a historic milestone as the largest rally in all of Central Europe.

Amongst the multitude of rally enthusiasts, a prominent figure graced the event – Škoda’s chairman of the board, Klaus Zellmer. By his side, serving as the navigator on this exhilarating journey, was none other than his spouse, Susanne. Together, they embarked on this automotive odyssey within the confines of their resplendent 1960 Škoda Felicia, adorned in an immaculate shade of white.

For a vivid portrayal of their day’s escapades, one can delve into the latest episode of our ongoing series, aptly titled “Klaus Drives.” This episode offers an exclusive cinematic glimpse into the Zellmers’ adventure as they navigated the picturesque rally route, steering their vintage Škoda Felicia through a tapestry of scenic vistas and challenging terrains.

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