BMW Security Protection Vehicle Training 2024

For more than 40 years, BMW has been a pioneer in designing and crafting high-security vehicles. These cars offer the same thrilling drive BMW is known for, along with top-notch safety features. It’s not just about the cars, though. BMW also provides specialized training for drivers. This training ensures that those behind the wheel can make the most of the car’s safety functions in their daily drives.

BMW offers a wide array of security vehicles and training programs for their drivers, led by skilled instructors. This creates a complete security solution coming straight from BMW.

The training is aimed at professional drivers looking to level up their skills with armored vehicles. This is so they’re ready for anything, from daily drives to high-risk situations. The training facility is located in Groß Dölln near Berlin, a place with a rich history and ideal for both classroom learning and hands-on driving practice.

The courses cover everything from basic driving physics to advanced escape tactics. With small class sizes, everyone gets a chance to dive deep into the training, ensuring personalized attention and ample practice time.

Starting with a two-day basic course, drivers get familiar with how armored vehicles handle differently due to their added weight. The training includes emergency maneuvers and nighttime driving skills. It also puts drivers through high-pressure situations to prepare them for real-world threats.

For those looking to push further, BMW offers an advanced course. This includes dealing with live fire, vehicle contact, and other extreme scenarios. It’s about staying calm and in control, no matter what.

Participants also get to test their skills off-road with the BMW X5 Protection VR6, learning to tackle tough terrains that are part and parcel of some security missions.

BMW’s lineup of security vehicles includes the BMW 7 Series Protection and the electric BMW i7 Protection, alongside the BMW X5 Protection VR6. Each comes with an advanced protection concept, ensuring safety without compromising on the driving experience BMW is celebrated for.

These vehicles are engineered to offer a seamless blend of performance, comfort, and safety. From bullet-resistant glass to armor plating, they meet the highest standards of security. And with BMW’s commitment to performance, drivers can expect an exhilarating ride, even in the most challenging situations.

In conclusion, BMW stands at the forefront of security and performance. With its comprehensive training programs and a fleet of armored vehicles, BMW offers unparalleled safety and driving pleasure, ensuring drivers are well-equipped to protect their passengers in any circumstance.

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