Roman’s New Car: 2002 Toyota Camry LE

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Roman has a new car! No more mysteries, as Mr. Regular and The Roman both provide their thoughts on the newest member of the RCR family in an extended edition of Regular Car Reviews. Why did Roman choose this car? Why is it considered one of the greatest budget cars of all-time? How is it as a daily driver? Is it too boring to ever truly excite anyone? Or is its plainness its greatest strength? Join us for a test drive, a deep dive into the theory behind why we feel the way we do about cars, and stick around for a compilation of the ASMR sounds of early 2000s Toyota build quality!
00:00 Roman’s New Car Revealed01:06 Giveaway Reminder02:05 Mr. Regular’s Review 07:29 Justifying This Choice11:19 Camry vs. Mustang13:06 Pros(e) and Cons 19:54 The Theory That Explains Everything26:20 Final Thoughts27:32 Toyota Build Quality ASMR
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