Lucid Electric Drive Weights Only 70 Pounds Producing 469 Horsepower

Lucid Group has unveiled a new electric drive unit for motorsports, which is currently being used as the standard front drive unit for the world’s leading single-seater electric racing series. The drive unit is a combination of a motor, inverter, differential, and transmission, and it has a weight of only 70.5 pounds while producing 469 horsepower and a maximum rotor speed of 19,500 RPM. The drive unit features state-of-the-art high-voltage continuous wave winding and a proprietary microjet cooling system, which can also be found in the motors powering the Lucid Air sports sedan.

The new drive unit is placed in the nose cone of every racecar in the current electric world championship and provides regenerative energy recovery from the front wheels under braking, significantly enhancing the racecar’s performance, efficiency, and relevance to road car advancement. The drive unit is entirely proprietary, designed, engineered, and produced in-house by Lucid, drawing on their expertise in e-motor design, power electronics, computer simulation, and design engineering. Each motorsport drive unit is manufactured to exacting specifications in Lucid’s headquarters in California.

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