Lotus Emeya Electric Sedan Revealed With 905 Horsepower

Lotus has unwrapped its latest flagship model, the Emeya, in a grand unveiling event held in the vibrant heart of New York City. Formerly known as the Type 133, this remarkable electric four-door sedan is poised to revolutionize the market, presenting a formidable challenge to formidable competitors such as the Tesla Model S.

The Emeya’s standout feature lies in its cutting-edge aerodynamics, which play a pivotal role in enhancing performance and efficiency. Building on the success of the Eletre SUV, Lotus introduces an active grille that not only reduces drag for improved efficiency but also efficiently cools the battery and brakes when needed. Complementing this innovation, the vehicle boasts an active front spoiler, inspired by motorsport, and an active diffuser, all working in harmony with an active rear spoiler. The latter, wider than the Eletre’s, generates an impressive 474 pounds of net downforce at an undisclosed speed.

Inside the Emeya, sustainability takes center stage. Lotus pioneers the use of a new type of yarn derived from discarded cotton within the fashion industry for the passenger compartment’s upholstery, marrying sustainable luxury with weight-saving benefits. Furthermore, advanced techniques like physical vapor deposition (PVD) deliver metallic finishes on select cabin surfaces, creating a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. Premium materials like Alcantara, ultra-fabric polyurethane, and Nappa leather adorn various areas, elevating the overall interior ambiance.

The Emeya’s cabin experience reaches new heights with a cutting-edge KEF 3D surround sound system, complete with noise cancellation technology. Exterior-mounted vibration sensors detect tire and suspension movement, with algorithms swiftly generating “anti-phasing acoustic signals” through the speakers to eliminate any disruptive interference. The driver enjoys a generous 55-inch augmented reality head-up display, ensuring rapid access to essential information. Additionally, the Emeya incorporates digital mirrors and LiDar modules, aligning with the technological advancements seen in the Eletre.

Underpinning the Emeya’s impressive performance is the Electric Premium Architecture, shared with the Eletre. With a similar range of 373 miles on the optimistic WLTP cycle, the Emeya houses a slightly smaller 102 kWh battery pack compared to the Eletre’s 112 kWh unit. Charging capabilities are impressive, with the ability to add 93 miles of range in just five minutes, and an 18-minute charge time from 10 to 80 percent capacity using a 350 kW DC fast charger.

Performance-wise, the Emeya enters hypercar territory with 905 horsepower and a staggering 726 pound-feet of torque, propelling it from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a breathtaking 2.8 seconds. The all-wheel-drive EV boasts a top speed of 159 mph, electronically limited, and channels power to all four corners via a two-speed transmission. Lotus proudly touts a “race-grade” braking system, and the adjustable suspension can astoundingly analyze road conditions a staggering 1,000 times per second.

As the year progresses, more detailed information about this groundbreaking model will emerge in the fourth quarter of 2023. Production is set to commence in 2024 at Lotus’s Wuhan manufacturing facility, owned by Geely, where the Eletre is already in production. The Emeya’s astounding reception in the current order book signals a promising future, solidifying Lotus’s reputation as a forward-thinking automotive force.

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