Ford Ka gets zero star safety

The protection offered to the driver head was adequate and passenger’s head showed good protection. Neck for both front passengers was good. Driver chest showed adequate protection and passenger chest showed good protection. Driver and passenger’s knees showed marginal protection as they can impact with dangerous structures behind the fascia. Driver tibias showed good protection, and passenger’s tibias showed adequate and good protection. Footwell area was rated as unstable. The bodyshell was rated as stable and it is capable of withstanding further loadings. Side impact: Head and abdomen protection was good, pelvis protection was adequate and chest protection was weak. Side Pole Impact: was not performed as the car does not offer side head protection as standard. Whiplash: The seat showed poor static score. UN R32: the car meet the rear impact structural requirements. AEB City: the car does not have AEB city. As the car does not offer ESC as standard and also as it did not reach minim score in this box, AEB points would not be considered, AEB City fitment rates would not be matched.

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