Electric Mercedes EQG G-Class Testing

In the year 2021, Mercedes-Benz tantalized us with the prospect of an electric version of their esteemed G-Class SUV, known as the EQG, with an anticipated release date of 2024. Today, we have the privilege of glimpsing a few prototypes that have been spotted by a spy photographer. Upon closer examination, we can observe that there have been minimal alterations made to the vehicle since the initial concept, which itself was scarcely altered from the gasoline-powered G-Class.

Although much of the EQG’s exterior is similar to that of the original G-Class, there are a number of unique styling changes found on the electric model’s front end. For instance, the front bumper’s air intakes have been redesigned and consist of numerous small, rounded squares that create a mesh pattern, much like the concept. Additionally, the primary grille has been mostly blocked off, with a few slits left open to allow for some airflow. Unlike the concept, which featured a square charger carrier, the prototype has opted for a more traditional full-size spare tire. Moreover, the EQG with electric-themed camouflage is outfitted with a set of wheels that are not shared with other G-Class models.

However, the true excitement lies beneath the EQG’s exterior. The videos reveal that one of the prototypes possesses a skid-plate-like panel below the rear bumper, presumably an aerodynamic feature intended to maximize the vehicle’s range. Even more intriguing is the fact that two of the prototypes appear to have different rear axle configurations, both solid axles like the gasoline-powered model, yet different. One of the axles appears similar to that of the standard G-Class, while the other lacks a noticeable differential housing in the center. Instead, the significantly shortened track rod is bolted to the axle where the differential would typically be located. It’s plausible that two different powertrain options are being tested: a more conventional, simplified single or dual-motor powertrain, and a peculiar one capable of accommodating the four-motor powertrain that was announced with the concept, potentially with AMG branding.

As previously stated, the EQG is slated to launch in the middle to late period of 2024, which indicates that it will likely be sold as a 2025 model.

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