BMW R 20 Concept Revealed at Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2024

BMW recently unveiled the R 20 concept at the Villa d’Este concours event, and this show bike is likely to hit production in the next few years. The R 20 is a striking retro roadster, featuring BMW’s largest-ever engine in a compact frame. The name “R 20” was previously used for a 192 cubic centimeter prewar single, but this new model is a stark departure in terms of both appearance and engineering.

The R 20 concept boasts a massive 2-liter engine, based on the R 18’s air and oil-cooled twin. BMW has expanded its capacity, potentially achieving 1,999 cubic centimeters through a larger bore. The exact power and torque figures are not yet disclosed, but with an 11 percent increase in capacity over the R 18, the R 20 is expected to surpass 100 horsepower and achieve around 129 pound-feet of torque.

The R 20’s chassis has also seen significant updates, with a wheelbase reduced to 61 inches for improved cornering capabilities. The redesigned steel tube frame and Paralever swingarm contribute to a more compact and agile structure. Additionally, fully adjustable Öhlins Blackline suspension and high-performance brakes ensure a refined riding experience.

With its minimalist design and aluminum accents, the R 20 concept maintains a nod to BMW’s heritage while embodying modern performance. Given BMW’s history of turning concepts into production models, the R 20 is poised to become a reality.

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