2001 Chevrolet Express Van 1500: Regular Car Reviews

We drive the backbone of American small business: The Chevy Express Van. It is more valuable to local economies than pickup trucks.



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New Year, New Wheels

New Year, new me is now an outdated statement. We are all well aware that changing yourself completely is as easy as getting petrol separated from diesel once mixed. There is nothing wrong with change, but maybe changing something else in your life could be beneficial. Changing the wheels on your car is a good start.

Car Washing: Hand Washing Versus Automatic

The option to use the traditional method of a hand wash service or the latest automatic machine is based on the personal preference of the car owner. While the hand wash has the potential to give the most gleaming look, the alternative method is certain to be a lot quicker.

Winter Auto Detailing Tips

The winter season can cause a lot of damage to your car. During the cold winter months, the car’s plastic, glass, tires and paint work are at the mercy of the elements. Before the winter arrives, you can help protect your car with a little protective work.

4 Useful Car Detailing Tips

Car detailing is an essential process to clean and restore the interior and exterior of the car. This type of work is a deep, top-to-bottom clean that leaves the car looking like new.

What Causes Turbo Lag?

Many of the latest sporty cars have a turbocharger inserted into the car. It might be considered as a cheaper way of increasing the boost of your car as it is a once off expense. There are, however, disadvantages of having a turbo in your car.

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