Yadea Motorcycles at EICMA 2023

At the EICMA 2023, Yadea unveiled its high-performance electric motorcycle, the Yadea KEMPER. This bike represents Yadea’s dedication to sustainable and innovative transportation solutions. Key features of the KEMPER include:

1. **Fast Charging:** The motorcycle is equipped with a 320 V 20 Ah lithium iron phosphate battery, allowing for 80% battery capacity in just 10 minutes, similar to refueling a gasoline bike.

2. **Performance:** The KEMPER features a 40 kW mid-drive motor and IGBT controller, reaching 0-100 km/h in 4.9 seconds and a top speed of 160 km/h, surpassing the performance of 800cc fuel-powered motorcycles.

3. **Intelligent Features:** The Yadea Smart Assistant includes a 7-inch TFT intelligent dashboard, a 1080P dash cam, and an app offering smart unlocking, GPS tracking, security monitoring, and anti-theft measures.

4. **Advanced Control Systems:** It incorporates the Bosch dual ABS+TCS system, Brembo high-performance calipers, and KYB high-performance shock absorption, ensuring precision handling, advanced braking, and stable suspension.

5. **Sustainability Commitment:** Yadea continues to pioneer in green technology, crafting premium products like the KEMPER to promote a greener commuting lifestyle.

These features combine to offer an unparalleled electric motorcycle experience, aligning with Yadea’s mission to provide liberating, convenient, and sustainable travel experiences.

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