2020 Ducati Panigale V4 S Exhaust Sound

The 1103cc Desmosedici Stradale motor, with it distinguishing backward-rotating crankshaft and 90° V-twin-aping firing order has more than enough power and torque – 200bhp, and 87ftlb on MCN’s regular dyno.

Wisely, they’ve not added any more. What it did lack was user friendliness when you tried to use all (or most) of it, especially compared with the Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory – similar on paper, but so much less aggressive you’d almost call it benign. That makes it less intimidating, but also faster.

The 2020 model has new ride-by-wire throttle maps, which (according to Ducati) make the relationship between twistgrip opening and torque delivery more direct and predictable in the track-specific user modes. They also claim the delivery of that Latin firepower has been made more linear in the first three gears. Quickshifter settings have been adopted from the V4R, with reduced upshift times for quicker, smoother changes, especially over 10,000rpm.

All of which is apparent when you ride it – first to third are way more manageable, then the Desmo V4 really flies if you’ve the space to keep it pinned in to sixth – to 185mph, when the speedo goes blank but the revs keep creeping up…

Ducati laid on a second test bike fitted with an Akrapovic full system, which is claimed to increase power by 10bhp, and it’s obvious the bike has a fatter midrange too. But it soon exhibited old trait of unwanted, drive-sapping wheelies and a greater tendency to weave or run wide. It underlines the sense in softening the Panigale V4’s mid and off-corner power.

If you have big feet, be aware the quickshifter is sensitive and will cut the bike if you accidentally nudge it, without shifting, and you’ll headbutt the screen. Some work is still needed there to remove that glitch.

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