Volkswagen Reveals Three Row ID. Buzz in Huntington Beach California

Volkswagen of America, Inc. introduced the ID. Buzz, a three-row vehicle, in Huntington Beach, California today. This remarkable car pays tribute to the iconic Volkswagen Microbus and has been specifically designed for North American drivers. It surpasses its European two-row counterpart, which was unveiled in 2022, with a longer wheelbase, a larger battery, and increased horsepower. The ID. Buzz seamlessly blends retro design elements such as the oversized VW logo, short overhangs, and a two-tone color scheme with a modern interior, cutting-edge electric vehicle (EV) technology, and advanced driver assistance features, clearly establishing it as a vehicle of the future. The three-row ID. Buzz is scheduled to be available for purchase in the North American market starting in 2024.

Pablo Di Si, President and CEO of Volkswagen of America, Inc., described the zero-direct emission ID. Buzz as the spiritual reincarnation of the Microbus, reimagined for the electric future. Di Si emphasized its practicality, sustainability, and unmistakably fun nature, which are classic Volkswagen characteristics. With the reintroduction of the Bus, it will once again become the brand’s hero vehicle in America.

Similar to the original Bus, the three-row ID. Buzz features a rear-mounted powerplant as a standard offering, delivering exceptional traction, performance, and agility. The rear motor generates 282 horsepower, surpassing the European-spec two-row model that debuted with 201 horsepower. Additionally, the battery capacity is larger at 91 kWh (gross), compared to the two-row model’s 82 kWh battery. The innovative skateboard design, with the battery positioned in the floor, not only saves space but also enhances handling by distributing a significant portion of the vehicle’s weight closer to the ground. At launch, the three-row ID. Buzz will be available with all-wheel drive, featuring approximately 330 horsepower and dual motors. Like other modular electric drive (MEB) vehicles, the Buzz incorporates a multi-link rear suspension and front struts.

The new APP550 rear-mounted motor is designed with permanent magnet synchronous (PMS) technology, offering a maximum torque of 406 pound-feet. It is paired with a one-speed transmission and a new inverter for power and control electronics. The motor’s increased power, torque, and efficiency are achieved through the utilization of stronger permanent magnets in the rotor, a larger effective number of turns and maximum wire cross-section in the stator, a water cooling jacket for the stator’s exterior, and a combined oil and water cooling system that ensures enhanced thermal stability. Consequently, the ID. Buzz’s new electric motor enables a top speed of 99 mph, electronically limited, compared to the two-row model’s 90 mph.

On the exterior, the ID. Buzz retains its iconic boxy shape with short overhangs, optimizing utility within a compact footprint. It measures 192.4 inches in length, almost 10 inches longer than the two-row Buzz, with the additional length derived from a 127.5-inch wheelbase, as opposed to the two-row’s 117.6 inches. The car’s width is 77.9 inches, and its height is 74.6 inches, making it similar in width to the Atlas but five inches taller. This represents a significant increase in size compared to the original Bus, which was approximately as long as a 2019 Beetle but slightly narrower. The ID. Buzz boasts an impressive coefficient of drag of just 0.29, a commendable achievement given its distinctive shape.

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