Opel Experimental Reveal at IAA Mobility 2023

Opel, renowned for its automotive prowess, is all set to captivate attendees at this year’s IAA Mobility event in the vibrant city of Munich (scheduled from September 5 to 10). With a triumphant trio of novel vehicles, the German marque is poised to unveil its latest creations to a global audience. Leading this exhilarating spectacle is the remarkable Opel Experimental, a vehicle of striking allure and innovation. Emerging from the creative hub of Rüsselsheim, the automaker has recently unveiled a tantalizing glimpse of the design concept, treating enthusiasts to a preview of forthcoming models and groundbreaking technologies.

In the limelight of this distinguished occasion, Opel will also introduce two vehicles that are poised to grace dealership showrooms in the near future. First in line is the eagerly anticipated Opel Corsa Electric, a testament to the brand’s commitment to eco-conscious urban driving. Following closely is the new Opel Astra Sports Tourer Electric, a dynamic addition to the compact class, blending practicality and electrification seamlessly. These formidable models, alongside the Opel Experimental, will converge at the brand’s engaging Open Space exhibit located at Odeonsplatz (identified by the booth number: OP.390). It’s important to note that the unveiling of the avant-garde concept car will occur at the Munich Exhibition Centre during the IAA Summit, specifically situated in hall B2 with the booth numbered as B20.

Quoting Opel CEO Florian Huettl, “Embarking on a journey through our Munich showcases, visitors will be granted a crystal-clear panorama of Opel’s trajectory in both the immediate and slightly more distant horizons. The Opel Experimental, an illustrious beacon, ushers in a new era for our brand. Simultaneously, the new Corsa Electric and the fresh Astra Sports Tourer Electric stand as living testaments to our ongoing efforts in realizing sustainable, emission-free urban mobility solutions.”

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