New 2024 BMW i5 Electric 5 Series Development

The BMW i5, the first-ever BMW 5 Series with a fully electric drive system, has undergone a year-long endurance test in wintry conditions. The testing programme took place on country roads, motorways, and specially prepared test tracks, with a focus on the car’s ability to drive in low temperatures and on surfaces offering little grip. The new BMW i5’s powertrain and chassis control systems optimise its traction, dynamism, and driving stability, making it proficient on snow, icy mountain roads, and frozen lakes. The winter testing of the all-electric sedan started and ended in the BMW Group’s winter test centre at Arjeplog, northern Sweden.

During the development process, the new BMW i5 completed a 3,000-kilometre road trip from Munich to the BMW test centre at Arjeplog, providing an early opportunity to demonstrate its readiness on a long-distance journey. The fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology, upgraded for the new BMW i5, forms the basis for long ranges and short charging times during breaks in the journey, even in extreme sub-zero ambient temperatures.

The final destination of Arjeplog provided the ideal venue for the BMW team of development and test engineers to fine-tune all powertrain and chassis control systems. The test areas sited on frozen lakes around Arjeplog were particularly well-suited for delicately adjusting the drive torque control system in the BMW i5 under precisely reproducible conditions. The integrated application of all powertrain and chassis systems underpins the outstanding handling abilities displayed by the BMW i5 in winter testing. The BMW i5 serves up a harmonious blend of optimum traction when pulling away and supreme driving stability when cornering or braking, which is unique in the competitive environment.

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