Mazda CX-30 520 Mile Drive Across Kazakhstan

In its centenary year, Mazda’s latest challenging drive event has seen the Mazda CX-30 and its all-wheel drive system put to the test with a 520-mile drive across Eastern Kazakhstan to the border of China, taking in sections of the legendary Silk Road trading route to experience the barren beauty of remote central Asia.

Carried out earlier this year before Covid-19 travel restrictions, this latest Mazda expedition follows the unique 2018 Siberian media drive, when Mazda became the first manufacturer to cross Lake Baikal in Siberia with standard production cars, creating a new route across its frozen surface in CX-5s again highlighting the ability of Mazda’s i-Activ all-wheel drive system.

Mazda’s love of using a drive to challenge man and machine is as strong today as it was in 1936 when a group of pioneers set out to demonstrate the durability of Mazda’s first vehicle – a three-wheeled open truck called the Mazda Go. An early example of Mazda’s willingness to take on an ambitious drive, five Mazda-Go models (type KC and DC) set out from the southernmost tip of Japan’s main island chain, and showcased the Mazda Go over 1,680miles of dusty, muddy and backbone-rattling trails, arriving in Tokyo 25 days later. The publicity significantly boosted sales and raised the company’s profile, something Mazda would aim to repeat with later heroic drives.

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