2025 Lamborghini Huracan Replacement – All That We know

Lamborghini is on a roll, and they’re not showing any signs of slowing down. Recently, the spotlight has been on their latest creations, like the Revuelto V12 plug-in hybrid supercar and the upcoming Urus PHEV. However, there’s something else cooking in the Lamborghini factory that has car enthusiasts buzzing with excitement – the Huracan replacement. We’ve managed to catch a glimpse of this mysterious prototype being put through its paces on public roads, and boy, it’s an eye-catcher.

Right from the start, you can spot the “high-voltage” stickers plastered on the car’s body, revealing its electric ambitions. In a playful move, Lamborghini has disguised the headlights with stickers, making them look like those of the iconic Gallardo. But upon closer inspection, the true headlights sit lower and sport a distinct hexagonal design, exuding that Lamborghini flair.

Turning to the rear, we find more clever trickery. The taillights, at first glance, appear to be borrowed from the mighty Aventador. However, peering through the cutouts in the stickers, we catch a glimpse of the actual taillights flanking a unique hexagonal exhaust with two circular tips. This differs from the Revuelto’s dual exhaust setup, giving the new model its own identity.

The rear diffuser with its vertical fins adds an extra dose of aggression, and it’s left exposed without a full bumper, giving us a sneak peek at those beefy rear tires. Whether this is the final design or if the prototype is missing some rear parts remains to be seen, but if this is it, we can’t wait to see the production model.

The side profile is adorned with generously-sized air intakes ahead of the rear wheels and in the quarter panel. However, visibility might be a concern for some, as the quarter glass of the Huracan seems to have been replaced with a vent. Yet, the camouflage in that area leaves room for speculation, so let’s not jump to conclusions just yet. It’s safe to assume that the new model will take some inspiration from its older sibling, the Revuelto, so don’t expect a radical departure from the familiar V10 Lamborghini design.

Now, let’s talk about what’s under the hood – or rather, what will power this electrifying new ride. Lamborghini is bidding farewell to the 5.2-liter engine found in the outgoing Huracan, making room for a hybrid powertrain centered around a smaller gasoline mill. Rumors suggest it might be a twin-turbo V8, but we can’t confirm that just yet. The interesting bit is that the turbos will come alive at 7,000 rpm, offering a thrilling experience akin to a naturally aspirated supercar at lower revs. And get this – the rumored redline for the V8 is an astonishing 10,000 rpm.

Remember the impressive transverse dual-clutch, eight-speed automatic transmission from the Revuelto? Well, it’s making its way into the new Huracan as well. As for the electric motors, while the V12 flagship boasts three, we’re still in the dark about how many the smaller model will have. And here’s another mystery – will it feature a charging port? Only time will tell. One thing that’s certain, though, is that the new model will come with all-wheel drive, ensuring those roaring horses find their way to the tarmac effectively.

Now, you might wonder why Lamborghini is developing the Huracan replacement on its own. The reason is that the Audi R8, which shared some of its DNA with the Huracan, is no longer in the picture. So, all the attention is on Lamborghini to deliver a worthy successor, and they plan to unveil it in 2024.

In the meantime, if you were dreaming of owning a Huracan, you might be out of luck. Lamborghini has already announced that the remaining production run of the mid-engined supercar is sold out, leaving those who missed the opportunity to admire it from afar.

Exciting times lie ahead for Lamborghini and car enthusiasts alike. With the upcoming Huracan replacement, the Italian automaker continues to push the boundaries of automotive engineering and design. As the camouflage comes off and the electric future approaches, we eagerly anticipate the day we can witness this new beast roaring down the roads, setting new standards for performance, innovation, and unmistakable Lamborghini allure.

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