2025 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe M Performance Rendered

The anticipation is building for the 2025 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe, and recent renders by Kolesa provide a sneak peek into what the upcoming facelift might bring to the table.

First things first, there’s a name change in the air. The rumor mill suggests that these upcoming models might ditch the “i” from their names, leading us to expect the sporty compact sedan to go by the moniker “M235 xDrive.” But don’t expect a complete overhaul for the second generation. Instead, it appears that the “new” 2 Series Gran Coupe will receive more of a facelift than a ground-up transformation. Codenamed “F74,” this Mercedes CLA competitor is set to sport those sportier side mirrors that used to be exclusive to the full-fledged M models, until just a couple of years ago.

Unlike its bigger sibling, the 4 Series Gran Coupe, which features a more practical liftback body style, the 2 Series Gran Coupe is likely to stick with the traditional sedan format. Adding a dash of sportiness, the trunk lid will come adorned with a spoiler, possibly reserved for the M Performance variant. Interestingly, BMW has gone the extra mile to conceal the Hofmeister kink, while the dashboard remains hidden beneath a shroud of black fabric. Nonetheless, we can catch a glimpse of the dual-screen setup, presumably the iDrive 9 system already making its way into newly manufactured X1 crossovers.

The second-generation 2 Series Gran Coupe is expected to make its grand entrance next year, with whispers suggesting that production will commence in November 2024. The M235 xDrive is likely to shine as the flagship model from day one. BMW has been clear about its stance – no full-blown M versions for their front-wheel-drive-based vehicles. As such, this M Performance edition will continue to hold the top spot in the lineup.

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