2024 Ford F-150 Truck Pro Power Onboard Explained

The groundbreaking Pro Power Onboard feature, an industry-first and class-exclusive innovation, garners consistent praise from Ford’s loyal customer base. It stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design.

During previous winter storms in Texas, both dealers and customers harnessed the capabilities of Pro Power Onboard. This remarkable feature allowed them to charge their personal devices effortlessly, courtesy of the multitude of available plugs thoughtfully placed in both the truck’s bed and cabin. Moreover, it empowered owners to extend their reach by running extension cords to power essential household appliances like refrigerators, Wi-Fi routers, and space heaters in times of crisis.

In one memorable instance, a Ford employee demonstrated the feature’s versatility by using it to salvage a friend’s wedding. The Pro Power Onboard system stepped in to supply the necessary electricity for the band’s speakers during the reception, ensuring that the celebration continued without a hitch. Similarly, a devoted customer who typically worked behind the scenes for a musical ensemble found himself in a tight spot when a power outage threatened to disrupt a live concert. With remarkable ingenuity, he turned to Pro Power Onboard, which came to the rescue by energizing the speakers and saving the day.

On a more routine basis, this innovative feature plays a crucial role in various professional settings. Construction sites, for instance, benefit greatly from the ability to keep tools charged and ready for action. Meanwhile, at sporting events, Pro Power Onboard transforms tailgating experiences by ensuring fans have access to the necessary power sources for their devices and equipment.

To enhance user convenience further, an updated digital interface has been integrated into the Pro Power Onboard system. This thoughtful addition empowers customers to monitor and manage available power with greater precision. They can access this information through either the user-friendly SYNC® 4 screen or the convenient FordPass® app, making it easier than ever to harness the full potential of this groundbreaking feature.

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