Techart GTstreet R Flyweight Porsche 911 Turbo S

Techart’s latest release is the Flyweight line of track-focused parts, an intricate and finely crafted product line that raises the bar for the tuning industry. The tuner is showcasing its capabilities by constructing nineteen models of the GTstreet R Flyweight, which is based on the Porsche 911 Turbo S.

The exterior of the Porsche undergoes a complete transformation with Techart’s incorporation of a carbon-fiber front splitter and side fins adorned with canards. The nose also includes a skid plate for on-track protection. Additionally, the hood features carbon and has quick-release fasteners while the sides have wider front fenders equipped with air outlets at the back edge.

The GTstreet R Flyweight’s rear features a two-tier wing with air intakes that offers three adjustment settings based on specific track requirements. The rear window is made of polycarbonate, which reduces the car’s weight even further.

The Powerkit TA092/T2.1, which is made up of new turbos, air filters, and a hand-welded exhaust, is equipped in the GTstreet R Flyweight, along with other upgrades that result in an impressive seven hundred eighty-nine horsepower and seven hundred one pound-feet of torque output.

The GTstreet R Flyweight can reach sixty-two miles per hour in just two and a half seconds, and one hundred twenty-four miles per hour in seven and a half seconds, with a top speed of over two hundred eighteen miles per hour.

Techart installs an Öhlins coilover suspension, and the car rides on forged wheels with a twenty-inch diameter in front and twenty-one-inch diameter at the back. The tires are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tires.

The Recaro Podium CF seats with 3D-printed padding and six-point harnesses provide a comfortable and safe ride for the occupants. The rear seats are absent but have a roll cage installed.

The nineteen lucky buyers of the GTstreet R Flyweight can fully customize their cars’ appearance, with options such as matte or high-gloss exposed carbon and a full palette of paint colors. Customers can also personalize the interior of their vehicles.

Techart is now accepting orders for the GTstreet R Flyweight, but the price remains undisclosed at this time. This is a high-tech marvel of a car, showcasing the latest and greatest that the tuning industry has to offer.

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