Toyota AE86 Restomod BEV and H2 Concepts Driving Footage

Toyota is showcasing its potential in zero-emissions retrofitting with the debut of two concepts at the Tokyo Auto Salon in Japan. The concepts, based on the Toyota AE86, feature different powertrains, with one utilizing hydrogen fuel cells and the other being fully electric. The AE86 H2 concept, based on the Trueno body style, features retractable headlights and a two-tone white-black body. It is equipped with two hydrogen fuel cells sourced from the Mirai, with the original four-cylinder engine being modified to work with the hydrogen system. The other concept, the AE86 BEV, features a Levin body style with fixed headlights, and is powered by an electric motor sourced from a Tundra hybrid, a battery pack from a Prius plug-in hybrid, and components from other Toyota and Lexus models. The concept also features a manual transmission, and Toyota has aimed to keep the weight balance of the car as close to the original as possible. Both concepts feature seats restored using recycled materials. Toyota has partnered with aftermarket companies for the prototypes, but there are no plans for mass production at this time.

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