2023 Kia Forte GT: Race To the Bottom

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00:00 Your Uncle Who Lives In The Attic
01:17 I Don’t Trust Kia
03:02 Pontiac GTO Giveaway
03:54 Learning To Appreciate A Kia
06:46 Engine and Transmission
07:45 Is It Really Worth It?
09:12 McDonald’s Monopoly and Taylor Swift
10:28 Fuel Economy, History, and Features
13:00 Third Gen Is Best Gen
14:24 More Driving Impressions
15:31 How Justifiable Is A Kia Forte GT?
17:04 Kia’s Reputation
18:25 Predictable Can Be Good
20:13 The Empathy of Kia
22:11 Final Thoughts and Current Standings

This week on Regular Car Reviews, it’s an all-new Race to the Bottom, as Roman drives the mortal enemy of the Honda Civic SI, the new 2023 Kia Forte GT! In this comprehensive Kia Forte GT review, we dive deep into the overlooked aspects of this car, and the underrated performance that keeps the brand relevant, even as it struggles to overcome its historical reputation for unreliability. We provide a balanced assessment of its performance, features, and overall value for its price point. Can Kia overcome its bad reputation and become the official brand of empathy? It’s a Race to the Bottom as Regular Car Reviews takes on the 2023 Kia Forte GT!

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