2022 Chevrolet S10 Z71 Truck

The most revered version by fans of adventurous style pickup trucks has just debuted in the country in the segment’s most successful model in history. It is the Chevrolet S10 Z71, which is distinguished by a package of exclusive and functional items for off-road trails. Also because it is born with the most robust mechanical set, chassis, suspension and traction available for the platform.

The Z71 comes to expand the range of configurations of the S10. Its purpose is to further strengthen the brand, bringing a different consumer profile, even if he also identifies with the values ​​of the field or sees the pickup as part of his lifestyle.

Designed by GM’s US and Brazilian product development teams, the S10 Z71 has more than 20 customization items. All this leaves the vehicle with a truly customized look. Highlight for the equipment developed exclusively for the new version, such as the santo-Antonio and the tubular-shaped stirrups, the fender protection frames and the “All-Terrain” tires, which bring a special technology to ensure better performance on floors of low grip.

On the other hand, the adventurous model inherits the mechanical evolutions recently adopted in the entire S10 line, such as the resized turbine and the new calibration of the 2.8 Turbo Diesel engine and the AT6 automatic transmission. Traction is adjusted by an electronic selector in the center console and has a 4×4 with reduced mode.

The S10 Z71 is offered in four body color options (Summit White, Switchblade Silver, Eclipse Blue and Topazio Grey). It comes equipped with the safety, convenience and connectivity items most valued by the target audience, including six airbags, premium seat finish and MyLink with Android Auto and Apple Car Play.

With the introduction of this new version, the S10 Turbo Diesel with double cabin is now available in five trim levels (LS, LT, Z71, LTZ and High Country).

Z71 brings unique personality and functional items to trails

The S10 is the vehicle most accessorized by the Chevrolet chain, either to be able to meet specific tasks or to show a really different appearance. In this sense, the adventurous style attracts a huge group of followers who want to make the truck look more imposing.

In Brazil, the Z71 version is long awaited by fans of Chevrolet pickup trucks and debuts with the S10, which is born with an equally differentiated look and is also prepared to face off-road challenges. In all, the Z71 brings more than 20 differentiating items in relation to the LTZ version, for example, which gives a dimension to the research, development and validation work behind this project.

On the side of the pickup, another differential are the “floating” frames on the fenders, which seem to make the vehicle wider and higher in relation to the ground. The piece was originally designed to protect the bodywork mainly on trails in dense forest.

S10 Z71 is standard off-road

Every S10 already comes with the most powerful engine and the most technological architecture. This rule also applies to the Z71 version, which has the highest level of performance both in on-road and off-road use available for this platform.

The 2.8 Turbo Diesel engine with 200 hp and 51 kgfm of torque comes with the same evolutions recently applied to the product line, such as the resized turbine and an engine and gearshift calibration that improves the pickup’s response in sprints and overtakings, all with excellent energy efficiency.

The electronic programming is the same as the High Country version, so the Z71 has the same performance numbers on asphalt: 0 to 100 km/h in 10.1 seconds and fuel consumption of 8.3 km/l in the city and in 10.6 km/l on the road, according to the Inmetro standard.

The S10 Z71 is also equipped with an electronic selector for activating 4×4 and reduced traction, as well as speed control for steep descents. The system, operated by a button on the dashboard, is useful for reducing slippage on slopes with low grip floors.

But as the spirit of the Z71 is adventurous, a specific “All-Terrain” tire was developed for the product. This type of solution is something really rare in the segment and was designed to optimize the vehicle’s grip on all types of terrain, with a special focus on the land. The Z71’s tires feature thicker, voluminous shoulders, side shields for added protection, and are made with a tougher rubber composition. That’s why each tire brings an extra 320 grams of material compared to the supplier’s original model.

The S10 Z71 starts arriving at Chevrolet dealerships in the country between the end of October and the beginning of November.

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