Volkswagen Park Assist Plus with Memory Function

“Park Assist Plus”. The smart assistant “Park Assist Plus”2 can search for a parking space after it has been activated in the parking menu (up to a speed of 40 km/h for suitable parallel parking spaces and up to 20 km/h for bay parking spaces) and complete the appropriate parking manoeuvre. If desired, the assistant can park autonomously with the help of the environment sensors, and take full control of the car, including steering, acceleration, braking and gear changes. For this, the driver stops at the selected parking space, applies the brake and activates the parking process via the start button in the parking menu. “Park Assist Plus”2 can also assist with parking manoeuvres that have already been started, by completing the process. It can also pull out of parallel parking spaces.

“Park Assist Plus with Memory Function”. Another convenient new feature for the ID. models is the optional “Park Assist Plus with Memory Function”2. Using this innovative driver assistance system, the vehicle can be taught up to five different parking manoeuvres. The memory function remembers parking manoeuvres at speeds below 40 km/h with a travel distance of up to 50 metres. For example, for parking in a carport or garage. The driver just has to park once and save the parking manoeuvre. The vehicle can then repeat the learned parking manoeuvre autonomously. The driver simply has to monitor the process.

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