New 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa Durability Testing

The new generation of the Hayabusa was developed not only to achieve more performance high and to meet the strict Euro 5 standards but also to win the hearts of its faithful admirers and all those who love the new and gritty line with taut and streamlined shapes.

Since the original model’s launch in 1999, the Hayabusa has provided more torque and power than any other sports bike up to 6,000 rpm. The new Hayabusa proudly carries this on tradition, confirming itself as the sports car par excellence and providing an even more regular torque, greater power at low and mid-range speeds, becoming faster and more manageable.

A series of new advanced intelligent electronic systems will allow the rider to decide how to manage the bike in according to the situations. Pilots, even the less experienced, will benefit from the new technology for make the most of the potential of the new Hayabusa. Hayabusa’s technological equipment includes many elements that increase the driving comfort, offering each rider a unique and surprising experience for innovation and completeness.

The development team was asked to preserve everything that made Hayabusa a legend but at the same time to develop a new generation capable of projecting motorcyclists into the future. The result faithfully reflects the constant commitment of Suzuki’s engineers in the accurate processing and refinement of each component to achieve perfection.

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