2025 Audi A3 Allstreet Features

Audi has taken a break from offering the hatchback version of its A3 model in the United States. However, Europe is getting a fresh take on this car with the introduction of the Audi A3 Allstreet. This new model would likely be a good fit in the U.S. as it combines a stylish look with functional design elements. The Audi A3 Allstreet takes cues from successful models like the Subaru Crosstrek, which is essentially a heightened Subaru Impreza hatchback, and elevates the design with a touch of elegance.

The key feature of the Audi A3 Allstreet is its suspension, which is raised by 0.6 inches compared to the regular Audi A3. Audi has also adjusted the springs and shock absorbers to provide a smoother, more comfortable ride. The addition of bigger wheels and tires, alongside this lifted suspension, results in a 1.2-inch increase in ground clearance. The car is further distinguished by roof rails, black plastic around the body for protection, and interior accents that match the car’s color. For those needing more utility, there’s the option to add a tow hitch.

When it becomes available in Europe, the A3 Allstreet will be offered with a choice between gasoline and diesel engines. It’s set to be priced at €1800 above the cost of the standard A3 Sportback and will hit the market in Germany this month. Although Audi already markets two versions of the Allroad station wagon in the U.S. with similar features, there are no current plans to bring the Audi A3 Allstreet to the American market.

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