2024 Hyundai Kona EV Review

Hyundai recently unleashed its revamped 2024 Kona Electric, gaining attention for its affordability relative to its segment, generous driving range, and a design that unmistakably originates from electric vehicle (EV) ideologies.

Rewinding to its initial launch in 2018, the Kona Electric attracted widespread acclaim from both car reviewers and the buying public. Featuring a 258-mile range for a price tag under $40,000, it offered compelling value. Yet, the automotive scene didn’t remain static. It faced intensified rivalry from new entries like the Chevrolet Bolt, boasting a 259-mile range, and Tesla’s Model Y, which surpasses the 300-mile mark.

In a previous iteration, specifically the 2022 model, Hyundai’s Kona Electric underwent changes but largely retained the aesthetics of a traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle, retrofit for electric capabilities. But now, the tables have turned. Hyundai has diverged from adapting ICE designs to EVs and has wholeheartedly embraced an “EV-first” design ethos. The outcome? An audacious design aesthetic not dissimilar to the striking Ioniq 5.

Visually, it’s a departure. Pixel-like LED headlights blend seamlessly into the streamlined front and rear profiles, and the wheel arches have an assertive cladding that blends with the lighting elements. The interior follows suit, offering a layout designed from an electric vehicle standpoint, characterized by a floating C-Pad and a design that balances sportiness and function.

Specifications-wise, the 2024 Kona Electric doesn’t skimp. With a long-range battery option at 65.4 kWh, it promises more than 300 miles under the WLTP testing regimen. For those less inclined toward long-range travel, a 48.4 kWh battery offers a still-respectable 213 miles.

Company executives are optimistic. Hyundai’s CEO Jaehon Chang emphasizes that this new Kona Electric is not merely a product but a cornerstone in Hyundai’s broader electrification strategy. In his words, “The electric vehicle shift isn’t a mere industry fad; it’s a societal fulcrum. By expanding our green mobility solutions, we aim to hasten the world’s transition to cleaner transportation methods.”

Technology is also front and center. Among the enhancements are a pair of 12.3-inch panoramic displays, full over-the-air software updates, a second-generation digital key, Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), and an integrated navigation system. Further enhancing its utility, the Kona Electric incorporates a Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) system and other electric vehicle-centric amenities like extra front trunk space and an electronic sound modulation system.

Summing it up, the 2024 Kona Electric marks a critical step in Hyundai’s ambitious agenda to roll out 11 new electric vehicle models by the close of the decade. It’s an emblem of what the company views as a transformative era, not just in automotive engineering, but for society at large.

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