2022 Lexus LX Features and Development

0:00 – front design
0:13 – interior
0:31 – rear seat
0:54 – frame and chassis
2:00 – Testing

The new 2022 Lexus LX will provide passengers with comfortable and high-quality time in any location, while enriching the customer’s life scene. In order to ensure “reliability,” “durability,” and “running on rough roads,” while maintaining the traditional body-on-frame structure, the new GA-F platform has been adopted, the weight has been reduced by approximately 200 kg, and the height has been increased by digital development. The car’s features have been renewed through the realization of a rigid body. In addition, by installing a high-output, high-torque V6 3.5L twin-turbo gasoline engine, electronically controlled brake system (ECB), and electric power steering system (EPS), customers can enjoy LEXUS-like driving both on-road and off-road. We pursued driving performance so that we could do it. The renewal of these features and the adoption of a new power train have also contributed to the improvement of environmental performance, and compared to the conventional type, the annual CO 2 emissions when using the vehicle have been reduced by about 20% for all global vehicles , carbon. We will contribute to the realization of a neutral society. In order to realize safer and more comfortable driving on harsh off-road, LEXUS’s first 12.3-inch and 7-inch dual display with two upper and lower screens is adopted for the instrument panel, and the world’s first * 1Equipped with the adopted back underfloor view function. In addition to the standard specifications, the specially designed “EXECUTIVE” including a 4-seat independent seat for moving gracefully and with peace of mind on all roads, and front and rear diff locks, in order to be as close as possible to the diverse life scenes of our customers. Equipped with special functions such as, “OFFROAD” that maximizes off-road performance is newly set. In terms of design, while pursuing a design that contributes to the athletic performance and functions that began with NX, we have realized a proportion that combines the strength, presence, and sophistication suitable for a flagship SUV. In addition, the fingerprint authentication start switch adopted for the first time by LEXUS contributes to reducing the risk of theft.

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