2022 BMW i4 M50 Electric Interior

The interior of the BMW i4 fuses the clear design language and modern premium ambience with an extremely progressive approach to driver-focused cockpit design.

0:00 – BMW i4
0:08 – Interior
0:52 – Gear Shifter
1:31 – Carbon Fiber
2:09 – Door Panel
2:44 – Front Seat
3:30 – Rear Seat
3:49 – Trunk Space

The purely electric gran coupé comes with a very slim and low instrument panel, which provides the stage for the latest version of the fully digital display grouping. The innovative BMW Curved Display brings together the information display behind the steering wheel and the control display of the BMW iDrive control/operation system into a frameless, single-piece glass surface angled towards the driver. The 12.3-inch information display and 14.9-inch control display effectively merge into a single driver-focused unit.

The BMW Curved Display in the BMW i4 is held in place by a supporting structure that is concealed from the occupants’ view and appears to be free standing in the cockpit. The anti-reflective glass used makes it possible to dispense with the customary binnacle for shielding the readouts from sunlight, giving the cockpit area a remarkably tidy and airy appearance.

The rest of the interior design is focused towards providing a richly involving driving experience. The BMW i4 is fitted with standard sport seats and a sports steering wheel with multifunction buttons. The high center console and flowing surface structure running from the instrument panel into the door panels generate a cocoon-like feel in the front compartment. In the BMW i4 M50, soft, raised knee pads on the center console further accentuate the car’s engaging driving character.

Thoughtfully designed surfaces, premium materials and precision workmanship are key ingredients in the interior’s ambience. The Start/Stop button for the drive system is positioned in the control panel in the center console, which also houses the BMW Controller and the buttons for the Driving Experience Control unit and electromechanical parking brake alongside the model-specific gearshift lever. Blue accents on the Start/Stop button, steering wheel and gearshift lever are a nod to the electric drive system.

Automatic Climate Control with New Controls and Integral Nanofiber Filter.

The BMW i4 is equipped with a standard three-zone automatic climate control. It allows the driver, the front passenger and the rear-seat passengers to set their desired temperature and ventilation levels individually. The driver and front passenger can adjust the climate control system to their personal preferences via the control display or by voice command. Depending on the settings selected in the climate control menu, changing the temperature also prompts adjustment of the seat heating and seat ventilation control. This means individual functions no longer must be operated separately by the user. Moreover, those on board can see immediately if the system is currently cooling or heating the interior and if the seat heating or seat ventilation is activated.

The system also considers the number of passengers on board and where they are sitting. This is the first time all the vehicle’s temperature and comfort-enhancing functions have been controlled from a single source.

Cutting-edge nanofiber filter technology is used to purify the air inside the car more effectively, with nano-fleece and activated carbon layers further improving air quality in the interior. Nanofiber filter technology enables ultrafine dust particles and certain micro-bacterial particles and allergens to be kept out of the cabin. The pre-heating or pre-conditioning function allows the interior air to be purified effectively before the customer climbs aboard.

A pre-heating and pre-conditioning function is included in the BMW i4. This is activated through iDrive, or by smartphone via the My BMW app.

High Level of Acoustic Comfort, Large Glass Slide/Tilt Sunroof

The BMW i4 is fitted with standard acoustic glazing for the windshield. An automatically dimming rear-view mirror and heated exterior mirrors. The standard glass slide/tilt sunroof with a transparent surface measuring 3.6-square feet baths the interior in light. The 34.1-inch wide and 23-inch long expanse of glass extends into the rear of the car and includes a front panel which can be opened or tilted up.

Personalized Light Moods and Audio Experience.

The standard LED lighting for the cabin includes reading and interior lights in both the front and rear, as well as lighting for the glove compartment, the storage compartment under the center armrest, the footwells, the mirrors in the sun visors and the boot, plus the courtesy lights in the doors. The optional ambient lighting provides atmospherically rich illumination of the interior with precisely positioned LED fiber-optic light guides for the contour lines in the instrument panel and the door panelling.

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