RAM European launch of the 3 6 liter Pentastar V6 engine with eTorque mild hybrid system

Rám is gearing up to introduce yet another exciting addition to the European market. In the upcoming weeks, this renowned American brand will make the highly-anticipated 3.6-liter eTorque Pentastar V6 engine available in Europe. This introduction perfectly aligns with Rám’s product plan, which aims to offer engines with lower CO2 emissions, promoting environmental sustainability.

The forthcoming engine release is generating significant buzz among enthusiasts and the press. The German GP, scheduled to take place on June 10 and 11 at the Teutschenthal circuit, will serve as the ideal platform for Rám to showcase this powerful and high-performing engine. Boasting an impressive output of 305 horsepower and 364 Nm of torque, the eTorque Pentastar V6 engine will be made accessible to European customers through the Rám 1500 Big Horn, Rám 1500 Laramie, and Rám 1500 Rebel models. These three iconic vehicles from the Rám brand are renowned for their exceptional combination of power, durability, and state-of-the-art technology.

What sets the eTorque Pentastar V6 engine apart is its incorporation of innovative electronic components, which can significantly impact conventional engines. This robust engine not only delivers outstanding performance but also provides notable fuel efficiency benefits thanks to its groundbreaking eTorque mild-hybrid system, which replaces the traditional alternator. The engine’s power is harnessed through a 430 watt-hour lithium-ion nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) graphite battery pack, generating a 48-volt current during both launch and gear shifting. Furthermore, a 3-kilowatt DC-to-DC converter ensures the availability of a conventional 12-volt starter motor for cold starts, leveraging its superior efficiency even in extreme temperatures. The engine’s exceptional stop-start functions, combined with its superior performance, contribute to remarkable fuel consumption improvements. In fact, the Pentastar V6 engine reports a combined fuel consumption figure that is 19% lower than the 5.7-liter V8 engine, as per the Environment Protection Agency (EPA).

To optimize power and fuel economy according to the driver’s demand, the eTorque Pentastar V6 engine employs advanced technologies such as wide-range variable valve-timing and two-step variable valve lift. Additionally, a cooled exhaust gas recirculation system further enhances fuel economy and emissions performance, particularly under higher loads. The engine’s compression ratio of 11.3:1 strikes an optimal balance between power, fuel efficiency, and refinement. Energy recovery from deceleration and braking not only increases the engine’s towing and payload capacity but also facilitates battery pack recharging. The additional torque at the crankshaft effectively minimizes noise, vibration, and harshness, ensuring a comfortable driving experience. This remarkable combination not only enables improved fuel management but also enhances the overall driving experience, appealing to a broader audience, including younger enthusiasts who appreciate high performance and rugged aesthetics—the hallmarks of the Rám brand.

Excitingly, the innovative 3.6-liter eTorque Pentastar V6 engine will be available in the Rám 1500 Big Horn, Rám 1500 Laramie, and Rám 1500 Rebel models—three flagship vehicles from the American brand. Coincidentally, the latter two models, along with two Rám 1500 TRXs, have been provided to the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing teams for their travels throughout the season, showcasing Rám’s commitment to high-performance and durability.

For those seeking an off-road vehicle that embodies fearlessness, the Rám 1500 Rebel is the ultimate choice. Packed with various features, including a sport performance hood, a coil suspension with 1-inch lift and 9.7-inch ground clearance, all-terrain 33-inch Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires, hill descent control, and Selec-Speed control (available on 4×4 models), the Rebel enables thrilling off-road adventures. The Rám 1500 Rebel offers three engine options: the 3.6-liter V6 eTorque engine, the 5.7-liter V8 Hemi (also available with eTorque engine), and enticing interiors complemented by striking red trim. The Rebel’s aggressive and sporty nature harmoniously coexists with cutting-edge interior technology and an array of monitoring systems, ensuring an exceptional driving experience.

On the other hand, the Rám 1500 Laramie stands out for its unrivaled combination of performance, payload capacity, luxury, and technology, making it one of the best-selling models in Europe.

In conclusion, Rám’s introduction of the innovative 3.6-liter eTorque Pentastar V6 engine to the European market represents an exciting milestone.

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