New 2024 BMW M4 and M3 LCI xDrive Rendered

BMW is gearing up to reveal the 2024 BMW M3 and M4 LCI models. So far, the available photographs only showcase the standard coupe and convertible models of the 4 series during their testing phase. Nevertheless, Kolesa has gone ahead and produced some renderings of the vehicles, which give us an idea of what the new models might look like. It is apparent from the renders that the cars will maintain the design of their bumpers and grille. However, the lighting setup is where the significant difference lies. The front of the cars will feature new headlights, equipped with vertical LED elements for the side lights. The taillights also seem to be brand new, although their graphics are not yet distinguishable. Instead, we can see a more austere horizontal element instead of the previous “four’s” curved line of marker lights. While we have not seen any images of the restyled M4, it is safe to assume that it too will receive new lighting. As for the bumpers and other body elements, they may remain unchanged.

According to rumors, the AWD M3s and M4s will receive an upgrade, with their inline-six engines dialed up to 520 to 530 horsepower.

The G82 Coupe LCI and G83 Convertible LCI are speculated to enter production in March or April of 2024, with the G80 Sedan following in the summer of the same year. It is unclear whether there will be any changes made to the G81 Touring.

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