BMW iX Electric SUV Production

The BMW Group is increasingly gearing up its purchasing for future growth in e-mobility and setting new standards for sustainability. The expansion of e-mobility makes value creation in the supplier network more important than ever, both with respect to CO2 emissions and sourcing of so-called critical raw materials, like those needed for producing battery cells.

“We believe sustainability is an integral part of all purchasing activities. So, as we accommodate the planned growth in electrified vehicles in the supplier network, we are at the same time integrating our sustainability requirements into all contract awards. In this way, we are taking sustainable development to the next level. Particularly as a premium manufacturer, we aspire to lead the way in sustainability and take responsibility,” said Dr Andreas Wendt, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Purchasing and Supplier Network.

The BMW Group aims to have more than seven million electrified vehicles on the roads by 2030 – two thirds of them fully-electric. At this scale, BMW Group Purchasing is ensuring not only that the supply chain can handle higher volumes, but also implement requirements for sustainable development. In this way, BMW Group Purchasing is making a vital contribution to the company’s transformation towards e-mobility.

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