2024 Cadillac Escalade IQ Electric Rendered

Cadillac has dropped some subtle hints indicating its intention to adopt the “IQ” branding for its electric vehicles. It began with the hand-built Celestiq and continued with the Lyriq SUV. Now, the automaker is taking a big leap forward with the introduction of the 2024 Cadillac Escalade IQ, an all-electric luxury full-size SUV. The decision to incorporate the “-iq” naming convention from its EV sub-brand was driven by the need to maintain the legacy of the Escalade name. Excitingly, our friends at Kolesa have created a few renderings based on spy photos circulating on the internet.

The Celestiq’s influence on the Escalade IQ is quite evident, particularly when examining the wheels. However, there is more to it, and we will delve into those details later in this article. The wheels bear a striking resemblance to those of the Celestiq, albeit with a significant modification.

Another notable influence from the Celestiq can be seen in the interior treatment of the Escalade IQ. It appears that the vehicle will feature a full-width infotainment screen that closely resembles the one found in the Celestiq. While it is challenging to ascertain whether the Escalade IQ’s full-width screen is identical to the Celestiq’s based on these spyshots, the overall design, including the matching trim piece that separates the main display from the passenger-side one, remains consistent.

Furthermore, the Escalade IQ appears to benefit from the advanced BT1 architecture, as evident from its level of development, which surpasses what one would typically expect from a prototype. With the drive and battery architecture already developed and in use, the remaining focus is primarily on the body and interior, both of which seem to be production-ready in the provided photos. Although the Escalade IQ will undoubtedly retain certain elements reminiscent of the ICE Escalade, such as the signature vertical taillights and Escalade headlight blades, its body will differ, much like the ICE and BEV versions of the Silverado. While unmistakably an Escalade, the individual body parts are not interchangeable.

Lastly, it is anticipated that both the Escalade ICE and the Escalade IQ EV will offer long-wheelbase versions, a customary feature in the luxury full-size SUV market, consistent with Cadillac’s brand strategy. The version depicted in the images is assumed to be the standard wheelbase variant. However, we fully expect the “IQL” to make its debut in 2024 (rest assured, GM has already secured a trademark for that name). Given the apparent readiness of the prototype for display at local Cadillac dealerships, it is expected that the camouflage covering the Escalade IQ will be removed later this year.

The only remaining uncertainties pertain to the electric Escalade’s battery capacity, power, and additional features. However, it would not be surprising if the Escalade IQ matched the specifications of other vehicles built on the BT1 architecture. This suggests that we can anticipate an iteration of “Watts to Freedom” in the IQ and a potential challenge to the Escalade-V in terms of acceleration and quarter-mile performance, drawing inspiration from the GMC Hummer EV’s capabilities.

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