2024 Audi RS7 Sportback Performance in Ascari Blue Matt

The much-awaited Audi RS6 Avant Performance and RS7 Performance have at last made their way to the United States, following their successful introduction in Europe in November 2022. These extraordinary vehicles, known for their impressive performance capabilities, are expected to hit the dealerships in the fall of 2024. Audi has promptly disclosed the pricing details for the American market, with the RS6 Avant Performance priced at $126,895 and the RS7 Performance slightly higher at $128,895.

When we delve into what lies beneath the hood, both models showcase a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine, delivering an astonishing 621 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque. With such incredible power, the RS6 Avant Performance and RS7 Performance can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in a remarkably swift 3.3 seconds, establishing them as a formidable presence on the road. The top speed of the base models is electronically capped at 155 mph, but for those seeking an extra surge of excitement, there exists a limited-edition Bronze Edition that permits a higher top speed of 174 mph.

To achieve such extraordinary performance, Audi has implemented a series of modifications. Enhanced turbochargers offer augmented power and responsiveness, while a reduction in sound-absorbing materials within the cabin results in a more immersive and captivating engine sound. The mechanical self-locking center differentials have been rendered lighter and more compact, contributing to improved handling. Furthermore, the suspension control software has undergone updates, resulting in swifter gear shifts and diminished understeer. For individuals yearning for an even more aggressive and exhilarating experience, the option of an RS Sport exhaust system is available.

In terms of appearance, the RS6 Avant Performance and RS7 Performance effortlessly catch the eye with their distinct matte gray accents adorning various exterior elements, including the front spoiler, mirror caps, side sill trim, window trim, rear diffuser, and roof rails (exclusive to the RS6 Avant). Illuminating the ground are LED lamps proudly displaying the “RS Performance” insignia. Moreover, two captivating new colors, Grenadier Red Metallic and Ascari Blue Metallic, have been exclusively introduced for these models.

Upon entering the cabin, Audi has incorporated an array of notable features. A blinking shift indicator assists the driver when engaging manual mode, while the launch control function provides visual cues for optimal acceleration timing. The Virtual Cockpit Plus boasts sleek black and white displays, lending a modern aesthetic. The steering wheel is wrapped in Alcantara, ensuring both comfort and enhanced grip. The shift lever, armrests, and center console are upholstered with luxurious Dinamica microfiber. The standard sport seats are adorned with Valcona leather and feature honeycomb contrast stitching. For those seeking a more personalized touch, the RS Design Package Plus offers upholstery options in gray, red, or blue.

For a fortunate few, Audi plans to release a limited number of Bronze Edition RS6 Avant Performance and RS7 Performance models. These exclusive vehicles showcase a striking Sebring Black crystal effect paint and are equipped with 22-inch wheels featuring a matte neodymium gold finish. The exterior is further enhanced with gloss carbon-fiber trim. The Bronze Edition models come equipped with a sport exhaust, a Bang & Olufsen Advanced stereo system, a Dinamica headliner, and a top speed limiter set at 174 mph.

In conclusion, the highly anticipated arrival of the Audi RS6 Avant Performance and RS7 Performance in the United States has automotive enthusiasts buzzing with excitement. With their exceptional power, enhanced performance features, and luxurious details, these high-performance models are poised to leave a lasting impression. Keep a watchful eye as these exceptional vehicles make their way to dealerships, and prepare yourself for an extraordinary blend of power, sophistication, and cutting-edge technology meticulously crafted by Audi.

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