Limited to 350 Units New 2022 Honda Acura NSX Type S

The new 2022 Honda NSX Type S also known as Acura NSX Type S in some markets will be the final model of the second-generation NSX, and the development team pursued enhancements to performance and design with the goal to create a model that goes beyond all NSX models that came before.

The history of the second-generation NSX will conclude in December 2022 when the final NSX Type S is produced. The NSX Type S is the culmination of the challenges Honda took on for the second-generation NSX, and it is a special model Honda developed as an expression of gratitude toward customers who have loved NSX to date.

With the addition of a new, limited matte color, the NSX Type S featuring enhanced attractiveness as a supercar model will be launched with limited sales of 350 units worldwide (30 units in Japan, 320 units outside Japan).

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