2023 BMW M4 CSL Goodwood Run

Motorsport DNA, high-revving characteristics, and latest-generation M Twin Power Turbo technology make the inline 6-cylinder power unit from the BMW M4 Competition the perfect starting point for the high-performance engine in the most powerful road-legal M4 variant ever made. Detail modifications for the new BMW M4 CSL produce a maximum output of 543 hp at 6,250 rpm – an increase of 40 hp over the BMW M4 Competition. Peak torque of 479 lb-ft is on tap from just 2,750 rpm and sustained all the way up to 5,950 rpm. As a result, the unmistakable performance attributes of BMW M models – near instantaneous response to every movement of the accelerator, a voracious appetite for revs, and relentless power delivery well into the upper regions of the rev range – are present in even more heightened form. New and updated engine mounts and rigorous application of lightweight design principles ensure the new BMW M4 CSL achieves an even bigger gain in dynamic capability than this extra dose of power would suggest.

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