2022 BMW M4 GT3

The car drives very well. The car is again, this was a long part of the discussion prior to even start drawing the project as we try to first of all, priority number one is to make a fast race car because we need to have the best GT3 on the market. But also we need to make a car which suits all kind of driving gentlemen’s professional, less professional. Drivers who like understeer drives like oversteer. So we trying to create a big spectrum of of characters in the car to to kind of give a big window to operate the car. And and the car is good. I have to say. So far, we drove in in different tracks, different weather conditions, different tires. And I might say 95 percent of the time the car was out from the box straight good to drive. 00:11:10:22 – 00:11:25:20 The new M4, G3. It is fast, very good on the tires and a very easy car to handle in high and slow speed. And this is going to make this probably the best GT3 ever. 00:11:26:17 – 00:11:52:19 The outcome of the steering wheel has a very good grip because this is what I have in my hands and the steering wheel people might not consider, but it is the part of the car where connects the driver to everything else. So how I feel, how I have my hands, how do I have all the buttons in common? And that’s what makes the car even more important, makes the car even faster, because that’s how I feel it. 00:11:52:21 – 00:12:33:21 Now we can have the race car straight into SIM. And this is pretty remarkable. The steering wheel fits perfect in our race car. You pull it out, you put on the SIM and you drive. And I think this is going to give a very unique experience for the SIM races, which nowadays they are professional racers even closer to to motorsport, to real racing and vice versa. And for me, it will be also very important, a big help to be able to take the steering wheel, which I’m going to be racing at home and practice my M4 GT3 online with my steering wheel. I think this connection, it is priceless. 00:12:35:04 – 00:13:30:00 A steering wheel it is probably one of the biggest gadget the driver can have it in the car and the most important gadget. And it can go either way. You sometimes you can have a very beautiful steering wheel, which is not practical. It is not easy to handle, to drive because you have to think you’re driving the car at 250, almost 200 kilometers an hour and you have to operate the steering wheel. So you need a steering wheel, which has to look good, has to be practical to the driver, but also has the right grip. And when he came up the first, there was the first, let’s say, mock up, where he was kind of looking similar to the real one. And we’re all excited to know what this company, Phanatic, who has never been in a race car before, would have presented us. And they present something from the beginning.

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