2021 Fiat Tipo Cross

The New Tipo Cross can be fitted with the 95 or 130-hp turbodiesel 1.6 Multijet or the new gasoline-powered 100-hp 1.0 GSE T3. More specifically, the latter forms part of the FireFly Turbo engine family, as the most up-to-date version for the best performance, paired with seriously lower consumption and emissions. Its maximum output is 74 kW (100 hp), while the peak torque is as high as 190 Nm at only 1500 rpm, rather than the 4500 rpm of the current 95-hp 1.4 gasoline engine, which only went up to 127 Nm. The engine therefore ensures driving pleasure and offers optimum startup courtesy of the advantageous torque curve even at low rpm and is also more comfortable, thanks to its impressive noiselessness. CO2 emissions also go all the way down to a value of 121 g/km (WLTP). Even better, the gearbox has been calibrated to ensure maximum responsiveness in city traffic and the best comfort there is on the highway, stopping the engine revving any higher than 3200 rpm at a cruising speed of 130 km/h. Finally, the New Tipo Cross can come with the Euro 6D Final-compliant Multijet diesel engines, available in two outputs: 95 and 130 hp (previously 120 hp), with a considerable improvement in performance and CO2 values, (from 110 g/km (WLTP)). The 130-hp 1.6 Multijet is also the ideal engine for commercial fleets, a strategic field for the C-segment and therefore for the Tipo.

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