Volvo EX30 Cross Country Is an Off Road EV

The 2024 Volvo EX30 is set to make its mark as a commendable compact electric SUV, boasting an impressive range of 275 miles and a relatively affordable price tag just above $36,000. While a performance version with dual motors will be available, the EX30 Cross Country variant steals the spotlight with its potential to become the most budget-friendly off-road electric vehicle on the market.

The distinguishing features of the Volvo EX30 Cross Country resemble those found in Subaru Wilderness models. Enhancements include heightened ground clearance and durable skid plates safeguarding the underbody from potential obstacles. As for the wheels, the standard offering will be 19 inches, but Volvo will also provide 18-inch options equipped with specially engineered tires exclusively designed for the EX30 Cross Country. These tires are likely to be all-terrain, incorporating EV-optimized compounds, much like the Pirelli Scorpions seen on the Rivian R1T.

In terms of aesthetics, the EX30 Cross Country will sport distinctive touches, such as black paneling on the bumpers and a modest Swedish flag adorning the hood. Currently, details regarding tire size and ground clearance remain undisclosed by Volvo. However, considering its compact wheelbase and overhangs, one can anticipate favorable approach, departure, and breakover angles. Additionally, there’s a possibility that the showcased roof rack may be exclusive to the concept version.

The pricing discrepancy between the Cross Country and the base EX30 is still uncertain. Nevertheless, it is anticipated that upon its release, the Cross Country will likely secure its position as the most affordable off-road electric vehicle. A potential contender for the EX30 Cross Country is the Jeep Recon, which may offer superior capabilities but at a higher cost, potentially lacking the refinement found in the Volvo. Both models are expected to be more accessible than premium options like the Rivian R1S, and enthusiasts can look forward to their availability in 2024. Volvo plans to commence production and open orders for the EX30 Cross Country during this time.

Considering these developments, it appears that the automotive market will soon witness the emergence of the Subaru Solterra Wilderness, and perhaps even the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Ralliart. With an array of electrified off-roaders on the horizon, the future holds an abundance of exciting options for adventurous drivers.

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