The New Fiat 600e RED 600 km in the urban cycle Range

The automotive world is abuzz as FIAT makes a highly anticipated return to the B-segment with its latest offering, the New Fiat 600e. Promising an “augmented” driving experience, this groundbreaking electric vehicle (EV) merges Italian aesthetic, lifestyle, and sustainable driving into one comprehensive package.

Generous Dimensions and Upgraded Range

The New Fiat 600e doesn’t shy away from making a strong first impression. With a generous length of 4.17 meters, it defies the confines of its segment, providing ample space without compromising on comfort. Beyond its spacious interior, the vehicle offers best-in-class front storage, allowing it to cater to varying lifestyle needs—from the cosmopolitan buzz to the call of the wilderness.

Equipped with an upgraded electric battery, the New Fiat 600e boasts an impressive range of over 400 km under the WLTP combined cycle and even surpasses 600 km in an urban environment. This long-lasting range aims to dissolve any concerns about electric driving limits, rendering the New Fiat 600e a reliable choice for both city lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Essence of Dolce Vita

“Iconic outside, Dolce Vita inside.” This is how FIAT describes the New Fiat 600e, and rightfully so. The car effortlessly exudes the quintessential Italian beauty and lifestyle through its cool, contemporary design. Taking the driving experience a notch higher are indulgent features such as color therapy and a massage function, offering a multisensorial journey unlike any other in its category.

Design Philosophy

When crafting the New Fiat 600e, FIAT engineers laid their focus on three main pillars:
1. Maximize space within a compact design.
2. Establish it as a cool, modern city mover.
3. Merge its iconic heritage with contemporary efficiency.

The result is a car that not only stands out but also feels at home, whether it’s navigating through narrow city lanes or cruising on open highways.

Safety and Assistance

Not compromising on safety, the New Fiat 600e is outfitted with state-of-the-art safety and assistance features. The car supports Level 2 Assisted Driving, significantly enhancing the ease and safety of both urban and extra-urban mobility.


Recognized as the larger sibling to the already popular New 500, the 600e is poised to become FIAT’s next BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) icon. The model lineup includes the top-of-the-range “New Fiat 600e La Prima,” catering to consumers seeking luxury and sophistication. For those searching for a more accessible and ethical mobility solution, FIAT introduces the 600e(RED) edition.


The New Fiat 600e is more than just another entry in the booming electric vehicle market; it’s a statement. A statement that confirms you can have it all—luxury, efficiency, and sustainability—while staying true to the iconic Italian flair that only a FIAT can offer. With its versatile appeal and futuristic features, this car is indeed a game-changer, setting new standards for what a B-segment vehicle can aspire to be.

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