SKODA AFRIQ Development

The eighth “student dream car” is a head-turning rally version of an urban SUV, the ŠKODA KAMIQ. This is the first time the ŠKODA KAMIQ has been chosen for modification by the students.

And why the African theme? In addition to the reference to the famous Dakar Rally, the students wanted to highlight ŠKODA’s responsibility for all Volkswagen Group’s activities in North Africa.

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The four-cylinder 2.0 TSI engine has an output of 190 hp and transmits maximum torque of 320 Nm to all four wheels via a seven-speed DSG gearbox. The exhaust system has also been adapted to the new engine and revised chassis.

Although the drivetrain from the OCTAVIA, including the all-wheel drive, is heavier than the corresponding components of the standard KAMIQ – plus the protective safety frame inside – the students managed to make the AFRIQ approximately 100 kilograms lighter than the KAMIQ. The chassis, which has been modified for off-road driving, also makes the AFRIQ slightly taller. With the same body width and almost identical wheelbase, the student prototype is roughly 100 millimetres longer.

It took four months to build the car, with the students spending about two thousand hours on the project. One of the reasons for the heavy workload was the extensive modifications to the bodywork of the basic ŠKODA KAMIQ: the students welded the urban SUV’s rear doors into the body, and the mudguards, wheel arches and bumpers of the now two-door AFRIQ were significantly enlarged. The suspension is stronger and the car’s ground clearance is much higher. Adding the all-wheel drive system from the ŠKODA OCTAVIA 4×4 also took up a lot of time.

Looks-wise, the students clearly drew inspiration from the ŠKODA FABIA Rally2 evo. So the AFRIQ too is painted white and fitted with numerous colourful stickers in the classic racing style. The pupils came up with the decals themselves in cooperation with ŠKODA Design. The sporty and robust look is emphasised by the 15-inch OZ Racing wheels.

As already mentioned, unlike the ŠKODA KAMIQ it’s based on, the AFRIQ is a two-door car. To stiffen the body, the students welded the rear doors directly onto a specially designed safety cage in the interior. Echoing the ŠKODA FABIA Rally2 evo, there is a “scoop” on the roof, and the rear roof spoiler also comes from the successful competition car. The additional headlights at the front and special quick-release fasteners on the bonnet and boot are also standard features in the rally world.

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