McLaren SUV Rendered

McLaren Automotive’s CEO, Michael Leiters, recently disclosed that the brand is delving into new areas to increase its revenue streams, which includes developing “a car for family use”. The experts at Kolesa rendered some photos imagining what the new SUV will look like.

However, Leiters recognized that creating a fully electric supercar with today’s lithium-ion batteries would not be ideal, as it would result in an undesirable weight and handling trade-off compared to ICE or hybrid McLarens. Instead, he suggested that an electric SUV or “limousine” could be a viable option for McLaren’s family car, as handling would be less of a concern, and the company could leverage the power potential of electric motors to create an impressive driving experience.

The notion of McLaren venturing into the realm of family cars is intriguing, given the company’s reputation for high-performance supercars. It remains to be seen how the brand will balance its engineering prowess and design language with the practical considerations of creating a family-friendly vehicle. Nonetheless, McLaren’s move towards electrification and expansion into new areas is a positive step for the company’s future prospects.

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