Lamborghini Paint Shop in Italy

The paintshop completed the expansion of the production site, which grew from 80,000 sqm in 2016 to now extend over 160,000 sqm of built-on area. The creation of the new buildings and the installation of innovative technologies involved the work of over 600 enterprises with a total of 3,600 external workers.

The new facility features technologically advanced systems with low environmental impact and workers with highly specialized skills. Like the Urus Super SUV assembly line, the new paintshop is characterized by the use and further evolution of the Factory 4.0 model, which integrates new production technologies to support the workers in the assembly process. Manifattura Lamborghini thus reaches a new level of development in a manufacturing model characterized by modularity, flexibility, and the maximum personalization.

Production in the new plant features an innovative modular process, which is very different from the standard linear process used traditionally in automotive painting systems. This innovation makes it possible to activate a certain process and path according to the color required, thus ensuring the maximum process flexibility and production efficiency.

The new paint plant is also the first in the world to be equipped with artificial intelligence able to recognize the priorities and program the processes. The intelligent system maintains a memory of each process carried out, calculates the time needed for each vehicle, and “learns” to program the subsequent steps based on past experience: for example, the quantity of a particular color needed to paint a vehicle.

The warehouse, the heart of the process, is completely automated and handled via the artificial intelligence system, guaranteeing responsiveness and greater flexibility in process programming compared to traditional warehouses.

The painting process is carried out with a combination of manual and robotized phases. The robots perform the jobs that are the most repetitive and demanding in terms of ergonomics, while the human operators provide their crucial added value of manual skills required to complete the process. Another particular feature is the painting of exterior aesthetic elements such as the bumpers and mirrors, which is carried out in parallel with the bodywork to guarantee color uniformity.

With the new paintshop, Lamborghini can offer its customers infinite color options. The colors are divided into four types: standard, special, matte, and Ad Personam.

Through the Ad Personam program, customers can not only choose to personalize their car with the colors and graphics they prefer, but can also create their own unique special color in a true work of art.

The new plant also confirms Automobili Lamborghini’s longstanding commitment to environmental sustainability. The verticalization of the new plant enabled a significant 30% reduction in footprint with respect to a comparable painting plant. The building is rated Class A with perfect insulation and is equipped with latest-generation LED lighting.

Ninety-five percent of the colors used are water-based. Solvent emissions are very low thanks to an afterburner that can recover the heat and reuse it to heat the ovens of the painting line. This technology provides a 25% reduction in energy consumption.

Moreover, the cutting-edge technologies of the air-misting systems enable high efficiency in terms of paint consumption. Eighty percent of the paint is actually applied on the bodywork, which is twice as high as on standard systems.

Finally, E-Cube technology makes it possible to capture the overspray during the painting process, which reduces water consumption for air filtration to zero.

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