Lamborghini and Carbon Fiber Forged Composite Materials

One strength of Automobili Lamborghini’s product design is the development and application of lightweight carbon fiber materials. Continuous research and an innovative approach have helped put Lamborghini at the forefront of this sector over more than 35 years. Here are 12 milestones in this extraordinary history:

1983: Lamborghini launches the development and use of carbon fiber for the first time. The new ‘Esperienza Materiali Compositi’ Department (known as E.Co), was set up thanks to the arrival of know-how from Seattle, developed from the first carbon fiber and Kevlar components within the Boeing 767. The first carbon fiber chassis prototype is created, known as the Countach Evoluzione. This is the first use of composite materials by Lamborghini and an absolute first of its type in a road car project.

2007: a close partnership with the University of Washington (UW) is established; an important milestone in the history of composites at Lamborghini. Some fundamental aspects of the development of RTM out-of-autoclave technology are delegated to the U.S. university: technology that would eventually be the basis for the monocoque of the future Aventador.

In 2007, a division is set up in the Research and Development Center, now called the “Composites Development Center”, to focus on research into innovative materials and the development of new concepts and technologies for carbon fiber applications.iber.

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