Ferrari Roma at Esperienza Ferrari

In October, our guests had the chance to discover the Ferrari Roma through an immersive experience at the heart of Ferrari spirit, in Maranello.

Circumstances have forced us to close our doors for far too long – so we were delighted to receive more than 1000 Ferrari enthusiasts here in person for a very special Esperienza Ferrari over one full month, to make them experience some of the things which make Ferrari unique.

The journey started with a private presentation of this special Ferrari, followed by a 45 km road test drive to experience the versatility, comfort, and extraordinary handling of the Ferrari Roma.

The drive departed from the Museo Ferrari and continued around the countryside roads of Maranello, carefully selected by our professional drivers to offer different driving conditions, on which the Roma revealed itself to be perfectly at ease. Each guest was accompanied by a dedicated instructor which helped them to learn how to make the best out of the model, and enhance the experience while sharing their professional knowledge and driving techniques.

The immersion into Ferrari’s spirit continued with a dive into Ferrari’s rich heritage and history with a visit to the famous Museo Ferrari, a stop at the brand new Ferrari Store, and a panoramic Factory tour.

For dinner, the Cavallino restaurant was, of course, the place of choice. This mythic location reinterprets the spirit of Ferrari within the original walls of the restaurant established by Enzo Ferrari in 1950. Transformed and revitalized, the restaurant remains inspired by Ferrari’s values: the union of technology and craftsmanship, quality, and performance.

Because behind every Ferrari always remains a racing spirit, the second day was focused on performance and fun. Our guests then took to Modena’s airport, where, guided by Ferrari instructors, they had the chance to unleash the true potential of the car and experienced its extraordinary handling and braking at high speed in a safe environment. The smiles on the guests’ faces said it all.

Needless to say that we had to stop for lunch in another special place for Ferrari’s history: Ristorante Montana. Well-known for its gallery of memorabilia from the world of Ferrari and its traditional Emilia-Romagna dishes, this particular atmosphere takes you back to the time of iconic drivers and personalities who created the history of the Prancing Horse.

To conclude this passion-sharing experience, our guests enjoyed a tour on the famous Fiorano track, a private presentation of the full model range of Ferrari and it’s most recent model, the 296 GTB, and a visit to the brand-new Corse Clienti building.

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