Ferrari 296 GTB 6 Cylinder Engine Explained

Behind the cockpit of the Ferrari 296GTB is a turbocharged V6 that pairs with a plug-in-hybrid system. Together the gas engine and electric motor combine to produce 819 horsepower that’s sent exclusively to the rear wheels through an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The Ferrari 296GTB is also capable of driving on electricity alone on power drawn from a 7.5-kWh battery pack located under the floor. Ferrari claims that the six-cylinder engine sounds like a “little V12,” but that remains to be heard. However, its 8500-rpm redline promises a visceral driving experience. The Ferrari 296GTB features an active rear spoiler that’s inspired by the LaFerrari and designed to generate extra downforce. With compact dimensions and a short wheelbase, Ferrari says the car’s fun-to-drive factor will be high. Along with four drive modes–e Drive, Hybrid, Performance, and Qualify­–that provide ascending performance characteristics, the Ferrari 296GTB features electrically assisted power steering and a brake-by-wire system. If you want lighter wheels than the standard twin-spoke forged units, a set of rims made of carbon fiber are available.

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