Electric Hyundai IONIQ 5 Safety Test

Hyundai impresses with three new models in this publication, the all-electric IONIQ 5 and TUCSON, gaining 5-star ratings and Hyundai Bayon achieving 4 stars. Although the TUCSON only just clears the hurdle in Safety Assist to get into five-star territory, both IONIQ 5 and TUCSON display good all-round safety. The crossover SUV Bayon, fighting its way into an already overcrowded and highly competitive segment, lacks the centre airbag that is standard in IONIQ 5 and TUSCON. Nevertheless, the Bayon comes with robust crash protection and crash-avoidance features which help to secure it a creditable four-star rating.

Adult Occupant Safety 0:00
Child Occupant Safety 1:48
Pedestrian Safety 2:19
Safety Assist System 3:12

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