DB5 Junior can proudly wear the Aston Martin wings

Aston Martin’s High-Performance Development Driver, Darren Turner, has approved the DB5 Junior as an official Aston Martin product.

Completed at Bicester Heritage in Oxfordshire, the DB5 Junior was subjected to the same rigorous testing procedures as its full-size counterpart by the three-time Le Mans class-winner.

The exceptional quality of both the design and engineering of the DB5 Junior means that it can proudly wear the Aston Martin wings.

Aston Martin and The Little Car Company collaborated to create the Aston Martin DB5 Junior, an electric two-thirds scale version of the brand’s most iconic car.

With only 1059 vehicles being built, there will be the same number of DB5 Juniors as the original DB5.

The junior car also has three integrated selectable driving modes:

A Novice mode with just 1kW / 1.3 bhp of power for less experienced drivers with a 12mph (19kmh) top speed. In this mode, a remote kill switch is included allowing the car to be remotely disabled at up to 30m. And if an enthusiastic novice disappears outside that 30m range, the car will automatically shut down and come to a gentle halt.

An Expert mode is provided for more experienced drivers with 5kW / 6.7bhp of power and a 30mph (48kmh) top speed.

Finally, Competition mode is a “Balance of Performance” (BOP) setting which allows the acceleration and top speed of the vehicle to be aligned with other The Little Car Company models for competition on an even playing field.

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