Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA amd GTAm Press Drive

Today at Balocco saw the unveiling to and testing by the international press of the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA, including in its “extreme” GTAm configuration. It brings back one of the legends of motoring and a milestone of the brand’s history: the 1965 Giulia GTA. It is therefore an authentic return to the roots of the brand established 111 years ago, those of the worlds of performance and touring. A model is brought to life that epitomizes Alfa Romeo’s unique ability to combine style and sportsmanship. The only possible location for its official debut could be the former Autodelta workshops at the Balocco Proving Ground (Vercelli province), the site of the 1960s creation of the Giulia Sprint GTA, one of the most successful cars in Alfa Romeo’s history. This evocative venue – built 60 years ago, with a surface area of 6 km2, 27 different circuits, a total of 80 km – is the home of the development and testing of all Alfa Romeo cars. It was right here that journalists tested out the new Alfa Romeo supercar, later to appreciate its road-going qualities on a panoramic off-track route from the countryside of Vercelli province to the Ivrea moraine and the Lago di Viverone in the foothills of the Alps.

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