2026 Bugatti Tourbillon Interior Cabin Instrument Cluster Explained

Bugatti has designed the Tourbillon with a “sense of mechanical timelessness,” and this is most evident in the interior. At first glance, it closely resembles the Chiron, featuring a central spire that houses various controls and a robust steering wheel. However, there is a new focal point—the intricate instrument cluster, crafted with the expertise of Swiss watchmakers.

This titanium component weighs a mere 1.5 pounds and incorporates over 600 parts, including precious gems like rubies and sapphires. The structure is meticulously built with tolerances ranging from 5 to 50 microns, or 0.0002 to 0.002 inches. The back of the cluster is equally delicate, with a brace supporting the central screen.

The central dial features the speedometer and revolutions per minute indicator, accompanied by a small digital display at the bottom showing speed and gear selection. The two dials operate like the hands of a clock. On the left side are the temperature, fuel, and battery gauges. The right dial contains the power indicator for the car’s 1,800-horsepower, 8.3-liter hybrid V-16 engine.

To ensure the driver always has a clear view of the gauges, Bugatti has designed the steering wheel with a fixed hub. The spokes at the top and bottom of the wheel extend behind the instrument cluster, providing a completely unobstructed view.

Bugatti aimed to create an interior that would remain aesthetically pleasing for the next 100 years. Did they succeed? The instrument cluster is undoubtedly a masterpiece, and the hideaway central screen that emerges from the top of the dashboard should help prevent the interior from feeling outdated, while embracing the analog appeal that Bugatti Chief Executive Officer Mate Rimac noted supercar buyers are beginning to prefer.

Deliveries of the Tourbillon are scheduled to commence in 2026, with the manufacturer planning to produce only 250 units.

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